ACC Book Ministry: Ways to Help

If you feel God is leading you to be a part of this type of ministry, email us at We would love for you to join us in serving Him! Here are various ways you can help:

  • Pray for this ministry that lives will be changed through it (ours and those at ACC).
  • Contact other ABA churches in the state to explain the book ministry at ACC and ask if they would like to set up a ministry in their area by:
    • getting email addresses that aren’t listed in the ABA directory
    • sending churches an email about our book ministry
    • corresponding with the churches if they show interest
    • reaching out to other ABA churches in area of ACC offices when no interest is shown from churches we contacted in that area
  • Donate to the prison fund account to buy Bibles, children/teen books, and books on addiction when they are not donated.
  • Update the resource guide for Lonoke County (it’s a year old).
  • Members are needed to respond back to people who fill out connection cards.
  • Restore used books & Bibles that might need taping, removing or covering up of personal information, cleaning, or tearing out unnecessary pages that are scribbled on, written on, or torn.
  • Donate bookmarks or used all-occasion greeting cards that could be utilized to make bookmarks (or donate bookmarks already cut out from the cards). If you have saved your greeting cards but don’t know what to do with them, this is the perfect solution. Recycle and reach out. Stickers & stamps with Bible verses to put on the bookmarks are also needed.
  • Take books to ACC in Lonoke or just go by to organize books that are out of place, hand out tracts, and visit with some of the offenders.
  • Share knowledge of available job openings to give to someone who is in need of a job and qualifies for it. A tax credit is given to small businesses who hire ex-felons.
  • Write a special note in the books, Bibles or on the bookmarks that you donate.
  • Screeners (adults & teens) are needed to read and/or scan books from authors that we are not familiar with to make sure content is appropriate for the offenders and also follows our biblical & doctrinal truths. Sometimes people donate books they have not read. The title & summary sound good, but the text is not what we believe & teach. We don’t want to mislead anyone.
  • Become a mentor to those who need one. The main objective is to show the clients that someone cares about them and to give them hope. Whatever we can do to let God’s love come through from us to them is our prayer.
  • Volunteers are needed to help with repairs to the front of the building. It needs to be scraped and painted (and possibly some boards replaced). On the inside, debris falls from the edge of the ceiling into the window, which causes the books to get dirty. We will be asking Home Depot to donate supplies for this project.