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Series Description
The story of Abraham is crucial to understanding the Bible and the world we live in. Perhaps even more importantly, Abraham is God’s “Exhibit A” of what it looks like to “live by faith.”
The question of all the ages was posed by Jesus Himself in Matthew 16:15: “Who do you say that I am?” Our response determines our eternal destiny. This Christmas series of messages will discuss five vital truths about Jesus, the Son of God.
The Bible never has been more available and accessible as it is today. It seldom has been as neglected. Psalm 119 was written to explain how precious it is to have God's Word and how important it is to read and study it.
Once we are saved, we are known from that moment on as "believers." This brief series of messages will consider the biblical passages that define the importance of faith in our lives. Are you a believer?
This short series of messages addresses some great philosophical questions for the Christian faith. From Does God Love Me? to Is Heaven Real? this series will bring clear, Biblical answers to those seeking authoritative truth.
“Reasonable doubt” is a concept built into our justice system and, in a way, into life. But “reasonable doubt” doesn't apply to the subject of eternity. Simon Peter was old and nearing the end of his life when he wrote Second Peter, a short, powerful book about facing eternity with confidence. We need a “know so” faith, not a “hope so” faith.
The church at Corinth was new and filled with troubled people struggling to live their new lives in Christ. First Corinthians presents the truth of the cross—the power of the gospel—as the wisdom of God to help with our troubles. From personality conflicts to marriage problems to financial struggles to issues with sexuality and breaking with the world, this great book runs the gauntlet of the issues Christians struggled with in Corinth—and the ones Christians struggle with in Cabot. The gospel isn’t finished with us when it saves us, and that’s really good news.
This Advent series of messages will consider the times when the Bible answers the question, "Why did Jesus come into the world?" Thus, even though it is overused, we will see the true "reason for the season" as God defines it.
Colossians 2:10 makes the declaration, "You are complete in Him." Life and living have a way of creating a yearning—a problem compounded by the enemy who has been creating that yearning in the hearts of people since the garden of Eden. This series will discuss the truth that Christ makes us complete. Bring your yearning, searching soul to Jesus.
The Old Testament book of Ezekiel is built around an expression used more than 70 times, “then they shall know that I am the LORD.” It was addressed to a dying nation needing the reminder that God is still God. Written long ago, this book is a mirror of reality to America today and the Christians in it longing for revival.
It often has been repeated, "The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart." This series will focus on several people identified in scripture as having a heart problem. We know the symptoms of trouble with our physical heart, but the problems of the spiritual heart can be much more subtle—and more serious.
First there was the seeker movement, and churches across America quickly began to design themselves for their intended audience. After 20 years have passed, there seems to be an almost unlimited number of ways to be innovative where church is concerned. This series provides a biblical view of what the Founder and Owner of the church has to say about what it is and does.
The aged Apostle John gave us the third epistle discussing three men: Gaius, Diotrephes, and Demetrius. This series looks at these men to see the value of being a faithful and encouraging church member, as well as the damage that can be done by one "bad apple." In a day where we and our faith are facing great opposition, it is vital for us to learn from these biblical examples.
In his last recorded letter, the Apostle Peter talked about some things we need to remember. The faith fundamentals he presents so carefully have sustained and strengthened the lives of generations of God's people. The mastery of fundamentals is crucial in any endeavor, even more so when we face adversity.
This series will take us through some of the "classic" Bible passages that have been used by generations of preachers. These messages will be a challenge to the saved and an invitation to the lost. Join us as we remember that the Bible is ancient, but alive and active.
Drawing from the Old Testament example of the book of Nehemiah, this series discusses the national & personal importance of our commitment to the House of God, which in the New Testament is the Church. In a day of so many questions, this series explains the "why" behind our public worship & service.
The ancient prophet Isaiah gave four names to identify the character and nature of Israel's long-awaited Messiah. This series of messages will remind us of what we have when we have Jesus or what we are missing without Him.
The church is often compared to a body and is even called, "Christ's Body." From principles that will help our church grow to dealing with ministry needs and preventing problems, this series discusses our goal of "building up" Faith Baptist Church.
Centered in Paul's epistles to the Thessalonians, this series brings together pertinent scripture from both the Old and the New Testaments to give us a simple view of these two great events: the Rapture and the Day of the Lord.
This series considers the great truths about life and living that Jesus gave in the Sermon on the Mount. Learn His master plan; no one is better qualified to tell us how we should live. His authority still resonates today (Matthew 7:29).
Considering this great Psalm with insight gleaned from W. Phillip Keller's classic, "A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23," this series reminds us of the promises and provisions our Great Shepherd still gives to His hungry, harried, hurried, and hunted sheep.
This series takes us through many Bible passages reminding us that since we need forgiveness, we must practice forgiveness. From the why to the how to, these messages help us understand this vital biblical requirement: "... forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake has forgiven you."
When Bro. Hamlin came in view of a call for Senior Pastor, he brought this one-day, three-message mini-series entitled Close Encounters. Join us as we take a look in the scriptures at some who have had close encounters with God: Isaiah, Jacob, and Israel.