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Sermon Series Speaker Date
Building on the Firm Foundation Jason Goodwin 4/8/18 AM
Treasure Buried or Treasure Resurrected? Richard Hamlin 4/1/18 AM
The Witness of the Cross Richard Hamlin 3/30/18
Of Time and Eternity Richard Hamlin 3/25/18 PM
God, Grace, and Giggles Abraham Richard Hamlin 3/25/18 AM
True Discipleship Richard Hamlin 3/18/18 PM
Walking Before God Abraham Richard Hamlin 3/18/18 AM
Godly Conviction for Human Confusion Richard Hamlin 3/11/18 PM
If It's Going to Be... Abraham Richard Hamlin 3/11/18 AM
What's Missing at the Wedding? Richard Hamlin 3/4/18 PM
Dealing with the Darkness of Doubt Abraham Richard Hamlin 3/4/18 AM
The King of Kings and His Kingdom Richard Hamlin 2/25/18 PM
Walking in Victory: Spiritually Abraham Richard Hamlin 2/25/18 AM
The Precious Word of God (Part 20) The Precious Word of God Richard Hamlin 2/18/18 PM
Walking in Victory: In the World Abraham Richard Hamlin 2/18/18 AM
Walking in Victory: At Home Abraham Richard Hamlin 2/11/18 AM
A Powerful Church Tony Crye 2/4/18 PM
Before There Was Time, There Was Tony Crye 2/4/18 AM
The Precious Word of God (Part 19) The Precious Word of God Richard Hamlin 1/28/18 PM
Failing the Faith Test Abraham Richard Hamlin 1/28/18 AM
What I Must Do Bruce Betts 1/21/18 PM
Baby Steps of Faith Abraham Richard Hamlin 1/21/18 AM
The Precious Word of God (Part 18) The Precious Word of God Richard Hamlin 1/14/18 PM
The Significance of the Sit Down Jason Goodwin 1/14/18 AM
Love or Nothing Tony Crye 1/7/18 PM
Here's Your Sign Tony Crye 1/7/18 AM

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