Mark's Discipleship

We are excited about our current study, Mark’s Discipleship: Being With Jesus. This five-week study in the book of Mark will address two main questions:

  • What does a disciple of Jesus look like in the Gospel of Mark?
  • What might this image of discipleship look like in the context of a teenager today?

We will examine five scenes in Mark’s Gospel to address this central question: What does this passage or person in Mark’s Gospel teach us about Christian discipleship?

  • A Call to Being (January 3)
    Mark 1:16–20; 3:13–19
  • Faith Instead of Fear (January 10)
    Mark 5:21–43
  • Blind Faith (January 24)
    Mark 8:22–26; 10:46–52
  • The Cost of Following Jesus (January 31)
    Mark 10:17–31
  • The Mighty Widow (February 7)
    Mark 12:38–44

We have these two expectations for our students throughout this study:

  • Be present each Wednesday night. Have to miss? See the handouts.
  • Keep up with the daily devotionals that accompany this study.