Thinking Biblically About the Church

First there was the seeker movement, and churches across America quickly began to design themselves for their intended audience. After 20 years have passed, there seems to be an almost unlimited number of ways to be innovative where church is concerned. This series of messages calls us to take a biblical view of what the Founder and Owner of the church has to say about what it is and does.

Sermon Passage Speaker Date
What It's All About Acts 2:41-47 Richard Hamlin 5/15/16 AM
Worship Matters John 4:20-24 Richard Hamlin 5/22/16 AM
Committed Membership Hebrews 10:24-25 Richard Hamlin 5/29/16 AM
Servants: The Sign of Success Matthew 20:25-28 Richard Hamlin 6/5/16 AM
Allegiance to Scripture Psalm 119:105-106 Richard Hamlin 6/12/16 AM
Spiritual Warfare: The Enemy Within Ephesians 4:25-27 Richard Hamlin 6/19/16 AM
The Priority of Prayer Jeremiah 33:2-3 Richard Hamlin 6/26/16 AM
The Mandate of Missions Acts 1:8-11 Richard Hamlin 7/3/16 AM
Obedience Acts 5:29-32 Richard Hamlin 7/17/16 AM