The Old Testament book of Ezekiel is built around an expression used more than 70 times, “then they shall know that I am the LORD.” It was addressed to a dying nation needing the reminder that God is still God. Written long ago, this book is a mirror of reality to America today and the Christians in it longing for revival.

Sermon Passage Speaker Date
Visions of the Glory of God Ezekiel 1:1 Richard Hamlin 7/24/16 AM
Preparing for Resistance Ezekiel 2:3-5 Richard Hamlin 7/31/16 AM
Let Me Draw You a Picture (Part I) Ezekiel 3:26-27 Richard Hamlin 8/7/16 AM
Let Me Draw You a Picture (Part II) Ezekiel 8:3-4 Richard Hamlin 8/14/16 AM
Let Me Draw You a Picture (Part III) Ezekiel 11:22-23 Richard Hamlin 8/21/16 AM
There Is None so Blind (Part I) Ezekiel 12:1-2 Richard Hamlin 8/28/16 AM
There Is None so Blind (Part II) Ezekiel 14:1-5 Richard Hamlin 9/4/16 AM
An Abominable Nation Ezekiel 16:1-2 Richard Hamlin 9/11/16 AM
It's Not My Fault Ezekiel 18:1-3 Richard Hamlin 9/18/16 AM
For My Name's Sake Ezekiel 20:8-9 Richard Hamlin 9/25/16 AM
RSVP Ezekiel 21:8-10 Richard Hamlin 10/2/16 AM
All This and the Devil, Too Ezekiel 28:14-15 Richard Hamlin 10/23/16 AM
Six Messages for a Monster Ezekiel 29:1-3 Richard Hamlin 10/30/16 AM
Showers of Blessing Ezekiel 34:24-26 Richard Hamlin 11/6/16 AM
Can These Bones Live? Ezekiel 37:1-3 Richard Hamlin 11/13/16 AM
Gog and Magog Ezekiel 39:1-2 Richard Hamlin 11/20/16 AM
Bring on the Millennial Ezekiel 40:4 Richard Hamlin 11/27/16 AM
River of Miracles Ezekiel 47:12 Richard Hamlin 12/4/16 AM