Colossians: Complete in Christ

Colossians 2:10 makes the declaration, "You are complete in Him." Life and living have a way of creating a yearning—a problem compounded by the enemy who has been creating that yearning in the hearts of people since the garden of Eden. This series will discuss the truth that Christ makes us complete. Bring your yearning, searching soul to Jesus.

Sermon Passage Speaker Date
Something to Be Thankful For Colossians 1:1-5 Richard Hamlin 8/28/16 PM
Something to Pray For Colossians 1:9-12 Richard Hamlin 9/4/16 PM
Christ's Preeminence (Part I) Colossians 1:16-18 Richard Hamlin 9/11/16 PM
Christ's Preeminence (Part II) Colossians 1:14-18 Richard Hamlin 9/18/16 PM
The Secret of the Christian Life Colossians 1:24-29 Richard Hamlin 9/25/16 PM
Success in the Christian Life Colossians 2:6-7 Richard Hamlin 10/2/16 PM
Accept No Substitutes: Intellectualism Colossians 2:8-12 Richard Hamlin 10/9/16 PM
Accept No Substitutes: Ritualism Colossians 2:11-14 Richard Hamlin 10/23/16 PM
Rulers, Rules, and the Ruled Colossians 2:20-23 Richard Hamlin 11/6/16 PM
Loose Him and Let Him Go Colossians 3:1-4 Richard Hamlin 11/13/16 PM
Living the New Life Colossians 3:15-17 Richard Hamlin 11/27/16 PM
Living the New Life at Home Colossians 3:18-21 Richard Hamlin 12/4/16 PM
Living the New Life at Work Colossians 3:22-4:1 Richard Hamlin 1/1/17 PM
Living the New Life as a Witness Colossians 4:2-6 Richard Hamlin 1/8/17 PM
Glimpses of Grace Colossians 4:7-9 Richard Hamlin 1/15/17 PM