Considering the Classics

This series will take us through some of the "classic" Bible passages that have been used by generations of preachers. These messages will be a challenge to the saved and an invitation to the lost. Join us as we remember that the Bible is ancient, but alive and active.

Sermon Passage Speaker Date
When the Fire Fell on Mt. Carmel 1 Kings 18:21 Richard Hamlin 1/10/16 PM
No Time for Negligence 2 Chronicles 29:10-11 Richard Hamlin 1/17/16 PM
Recovering the Cutting Edge 2 Kings 6:4-7 Richard Hamlin 1/24/16 PM
When Your Heart Is Breaking Psalm 55 Richard Hamlin 2/14/16 PM
The Pictures of Passover Exodus 12 Richard Hamlin 2/21/16 PM
What Is That in Your Hand Exodus 4:1-5 Richard Hamlin 2/28/16 PM
The Caleb Connection Joshua 14 Richard Hamlin 3/6/16 PM
A Man like Hur Exodus 17:10-13 Richard Hamlin 3/13/16 PM
Prepare the Way of the Lord Malachi 3 Richard Hamlin 3/20/16 PM