Life by Jesus

This series considers the great truths about life and living that Jesus gave in the Sermon on the Mount. Learn His master plan; no one is better qualified to tell us how we should live. His authority still resonates today (Matthew 7:29).

Sermon Passage Speaker Date
Living Happy Matthew 5:1-12 Richard Hamlin 8/9/15 AM
The Fellowship of the Salt and Light Matthew 5:13-19 Richard Hamlin 8/16/15 AM
Real Righteousness Matthew 5:20-48 Richard Hamlin 8/23/15 AM
"How" Matters (Part I) Matthew 6:1-18 Richard Hamlin 8/30/15 AM
"How" Matters (Part II) Matthew 6:19-34 Richard Hamlin 9/6/15 AM
The Golden Rule Matthew 7:1-12 Richard Hamlin 9/13/15 AM
It's Invitation Time (Part I) Matthew 7:13-14 Richard Hamlin 9/20/15 AM
It's Invitation Time (Part II) Matthew 7:15-23 Richard Hamlin 10/4/15 AM
It's Invitation Time (Part III) Matthew 7:24-27 Richard Hamlin 10/11/15 AM